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is a blood money deal. >> the new prime minister is said to make his new visit to the u.s. tomorrow. today he called the release completely wrong. >>> an examination of the u.s. intelligence system finds the top secret world is growing beyond measure. it was record by the "washington post." the pain concludes the intelligence communicate has grown significantly since the 9/11 terror attack. the post reports nearly 1,300 government organizations and more than 900 government contractors with growing information. approximately 854,000 people have top secret security clearances. the paper also said, there is no real way to measure the effectiveness of the system, and that many intelligence agencies are doing the same work. today president obama accused his opponents of playing an election of politics. for rebecause thing to approve an extension of jobless benefits. republicans say the president's plan will increase the deficit. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: barack obama marched out of the white house to charge, republicans are holding unemployed workers hostage. >> tame to do what
retired admiral is dress in the civilian clothes today. he transitioned from the u.s. coast guard to a senior executive on secretary janet napolitano staff. he will carry out his duties saying it hampers containment efforts. >> the 24-hour period that ended last night at mid fwhirkt recovered 23,000 barrels. i had stop operations a couple times due to lightning in the area. >> reporter: there is new hope for clean-up and the giant ship. the huge investigate sell in louisiana and capable of cleaning as much as 21 middle gallons of contaminated water each day. >> as you realize, this is an all hands-on deck revolution. anything that's affected. >> reporter: meanwhile, bp's president and ceo of gulf coast restoration, bob dudley, took to the web this afternoon. he took questions from the public during a web cast. >> we now know that something happened. something didn't work. we need to make sure it doesn't happen anywhere ever again. >> reporter: bp again trying to prove it's listening and doing the best to clean up this mess. in pensacola beach, florida. nbc news. >> the bp oil spil
arrived in tehran today. u.s. officials say he defected to the u.s. of his own free will and was paid $5 million for the information he provided. the official also told nbc news, he had grown noticeably concerned with his family's safety recently. they also note that iranian intelligence officials know he freely communicated with his family while he was here which undermines his kidnap claim them say he took a big chance in returning to iran. as for the money the u.s. paid him, it is in a frozen account and he cannot get to it. >> the vatican issued a revised set of in-house rules making it easier to discipline priest who's sexually abused minors. in its revision, the vatican doubled the statute of limitations in abuse cases from 10 to 20 years from the victim's 18th birthday. the new rules include possession of child pornography and the sexual abuse of mentally disabled adults are added to the list of crimes. the revision does not, however, contain measures to hold bishops accountable for abuse by priests on their watch. it does not require mandatory reporting of sex abuse to authoritie
for it to return. hopefully next time the u.s. will make it a little further. >> all right. thanks a lot. >>> a developing story in charles county. crews are searching for a 65-year-old man that they fear may have drowned. the man left in his boat. the boat washed up on shore several hours later. search crews are combing the water and land for any sign of them. >>> last night's house fire claimed the second victim. a short time ago a 59-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. her mother died last night from her injuries. fire officials spent the day in the neighborhood trying to figure out what started the blaze and how to prevent more lives from being lost. >> reporter: the fire went to two alarms, bringing more than 100 firefighters to the scene. >> the atf and the fire department. standard procedure after a fatal fire. an 85-year-old woman died after being rescued from the house. her daughter is hospitalized in grave condition. friends remember her as a woman with a big heart who opened her home to all. >> she always left the door open. she was beautiful. it could have bee
. >>> u.s. and russian officials are being quiet about many of the details. but a spy swap seems to be well underway between the two countries. kristen dahlgren has our report. >> reporter: the tense russian spies appeared together in a manhattan courtroom, pleading guilty to being unregistered foreign agents in what was likely their last stop before heading out of the country. meantime, this man, imprisoned russian scientist and convicted spy igor sutyagin was reportedly moved out of a russian prison. the state department today. >> we deny that he is a spy. >> reporter: but sutyagin is believed to be one of at least four convicted spies in russia that may be traded for the ten u.s. suspects. not a one-for-one deal, but experts say a trade that may keep sensitive information from coming out in court and keep the u.s.-russian relationship intact. >> throwing them in jail might not be advantageous to relations with moscow and washington. >> reporter: and experts say the exchange was likely authorized at the highest levels. >> you have to imagine this goes pretty high up inside the
was charged with leaking u.s. military secrets is now in jail down at quantico, virginia. private bradley manning has been accused of leaking a classified helicopter congress put video of a firefight in baghdad. he is also suspected of leake tens of thousands of secret afghanistan war logs to the website known as wikileaks. the white house is urging that website not to post any more classified documents about the war in afghanistan. it says u.s. national security and the lives of afghans are at risk. >>> on wall street, stocks ened the month of july on a flat note. the dow jones was down about a point but it also gained 7% for the month, marc its best month in a year. the nasdaq was up about 3 point. the s&p 500 finished up about one point. next week, investors will be looking for a sires of number including unemployment number. >>> president obama visited the heart of the auto industry talking about the economy and defending his multi-billion dollar auto bailout. the president spoke at a chrysler plant in detroit that it recently hired more than 1,000 workers. he said his administration
, everybody. >> the u.s. traded ten arrested russian spies for four people convicted of betraying moscow to the west. about 30 minutes ago, a charter plane carrying the spies swapped landed at dulles international airport here. this is the live picture from our chopper 4. we'll have a live report from dulles in just a moment, but we begin with nbc's martin fletcher. >> reporter: it was the quickest spy swap experts can remember. arranged in a matter of days to quickly end an embarrassing spy scandal between the united states and russia. russia didn't want the embarrassment of its spies forced to testify. instead they pleaded guilty, sentenced to 11 days time served and deported. >> we wanted to make sure that we did this as quickly as we could so that we didn't have any kind of ongoing negative impact between the good relationship that is developing between the united states and russia. it was the desire on both sides to resolve this as quickly as we could and i think we've been successful in doing that. >> reporter: in return, russia freed four men found guilty of espionage who were ser
of july holiday with u.s. troops in iraq. biden told soldiers at camp victory that washington will keep its promise to bring them home. he and his wife also sat down and shared a burger and fries with troops in baghdad. they met with iraqi leaders including maliki. the washington suburban sanitary commission said they are making some real progress in fixing that cracked main. but that does not mean water use is back to normal. as derek ward reports, some people are getting pretty creative to get around restrictions. >> reporter: at some montgomery county pools, a loophole in the water restrictions big enough to back a truck through. this county fire department tanker truck brought enough water to the glenmont pool to top it off. >> just for a little insurance to make sure we make it through the next two days. >> reporter: it comes from a part of rockville not served by wsse. >> rockville has their own water treatment plant on the potomac river. >> reporter: no such luck in prince george's county. meanwhile, up on tuckerman lane, work continues on replacing the failing sections of the 8-
to a veterinary hospital after he was pulled from the river in a dramatic rescue this afternoon. a u.s. park police officer spotted scout in nearly 100 degree heat and appeared to be distressed. the dog ran and eventually jumped into the potomac. then he wasn't able to tread water. a detective known to be a dog lover dropped her gun get, jumped into the channel and rescued him. she's been credited with saving the dog's life. >> the dog was going under. the dog was circling. his snout was above the water. she grabbed him just in time. >> this man, 59-year-old lawrence hudson of the district is scout's owner. he was cited for having his dog off a leash and paid a $25 fine. he told police he was saying tennis inside the center nearby and left the dog outside for no more than 30 minutes. >> it's a combination of thing. we clearly have a heat issue here. 30 minutes or more in 97 degree weather with no shade or water. the dog may have been worn out from a panic situation. >> hudson told news 4 he was wrong to leave the dog off the leash, but accuse police of chasing scout into the river. >> obviou
general david petraeus is officially in command of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. and one of his first official, he addressed the needs of troop on the ground. >> reporter: after formally taking command of all nato and u.s. forces in this circus general david petraeus issued an open letter to the troops. it was both a pep talk and an acknowledgement of many of the soldiers' complaints that the rules of engagement are too strict. out of concern for civilian casualties here, it is often difficult for the soldiers to defend themselves. general petraeus said we are in this fight to win. it is not just a hearts and mindsish. >> we are engaged in a tough fight. after years of war we have arrived at a critical moment. we must demonstrate to the afghan people and the world that al qaeda and its network. extremist allies will not be allowed to once again establish sanctuaries in afghanistan from which they can launch attacks on the afghan people and on freedom loving nations around the world. >> reporter: he said nato forces would not shrink from the fight. nbc news, kabul. >>> white hous
in u.s. history. >>> let's get back to that new cap for a second. once in place, the pressure testing should take about 48 hours. and then crews could begin capturing most if not all of the oil. something they desperately need here. back to you. >>> police believe a domestic dispute led to three people including the gunman dead. it all unfolded at a fiberoptic plant in. in. a three-year-old man who used to work there open fire this morning. sending dozens of workers running for their lives. police initially said six people were killed them later explained that officer had miscounted, seeing people down they believed were dead and continued searching for the gunman. police stay suspect ultimately turned the gun on himself. they say his he can girlfriend was involved but it not clear if she was one of those killed or injured. >>> we've got more wet weather moving through. we've had 73 wet weather warnings moving through but what's ahead for tonight? veronica has the update. >> now some scattered showers may have an embedded thunderstorm. speaking of those thunderstorm that came through
. eight u.s. troops were kill in the southern city of kandahar. three were killed in a coordinated car bomb and small arms attack in the headquarters of an elite police unit. here's jim maceda. >> reporter: certainly had all the hallmark of the taliban attacks. it took place late at 95th night under cover. darkness. first a suicide car bomber entered the gate, blew himself up and the gate. then taliban gunmen charged the compound firing ak-47s and rocket propelled grenades inside. not just ordinary afghan police this time. these were elite, what they call the civil order police bx 600 of them. highly trained had just arrived in kandahar city. part of this summer offensive to push the taliban out of the city. in the ensuing gun battle, the taliban fighters were driven back but it is reported now that three u.s. troops were killed in the gun fight. these kinds of attack are only likely to increase over the summer. kandahar is the spiritual birth place and key operational hub for the taliban. they won't give up control of can hard easily. i'm jim maceda. >>> coming up, an exclusive look o
. >> reporter: here on capitol hill tonight some are demanding an american investigation. the u.s. state department is demanding a uk investigation, that of bp's role of the freeing of an alleged lockerbie terrorist. these two chief heads of state in washington seem to be settling for a lot less. president obama and british prime minister david cameron mostly agreed. pan am 103 crashed in that scottish town in 1988, blown up by terrorists, killing 270, most of them americans. the obama administration today formally demanded the uk review why convicted lockerbie firstal megrahi was released. the president was polite. >> we welcome any additional information. >> reporter: cameron said no need to formally investigate. what about bp? a year before it made headlines for the oil leak. did bp lobby scotland for the terrorist's release to land lucrative libyan oil leases. cameron wants to know. >> it is a matter for bp to answer. >> reporter: he says the oil giant could not release al megrahi. >> it was a decision taken by the scottish government. >> the bottom line is we all disagreed with it.
, a young man is being hailed as a hea >>> four u.s. navy women have made history. this year mark the first time all of the sailors of the year are women. the ceremony took place in northwest washington today. each year, every ship stationed and command, all over the world, chooses its sailor of the year. this year's winners are all chief petty officers. the women were rewarded for their leadership, professionalism, dedication and superior performance. >> good for them themselves make us proud. they get a reward for standing out in the heat today, too. >> i was getting ready to say, today was good. we had good weather today compared to what's coming our way. >> okay. >> exactly. we've had such hey humidity. today was relatively low where the heat index was right like the air temperature. you've heard of super soakers. how about super scorchers. these are crepe myrtles swinging in the sunshine and a little bright breeze today. primarily out of the west to northwest. doing a wind shift, that will bring back the hult. 96 degrees, our high temperature today. 79, we started out awfully warm agai
. the general is assuming command. 140,000 u.s. and nato troops. >>> a suspected gang leader has been arrest in the mexico. they say he participated in the tike three people connected to the u.s. consulate there. jesus chavez is accused of hiring a band of hitmen to kill the victim. authority say he is tied to dozens of kidnappings, and tortions and drug sales throughout the city. the am push attacks happened back in march in juarez, mexico. chavez allegedly told police that he ordered the killings because one of the concert workers provided visas to members of a rival gang. >>> the latest unemployment figures show the jobless rate dropped by .2 of a percent but the economy lost thousands of jobs. politicians are divided over what these new numbers mean. >> reporter: as expected, a quarter million census workers got hatlaid off in june. private hiring by 83,000. because a lot of americans gave up looking for a job, the unemployment rate fell .2 to 9.5%. president obama said we're on the right track. >> to every american who is looking for work, i promise you we are going to keep on doing eve
were classified intelligence and action reports. file by u.s. forces in afghanistan from 2004 to 2009. troops worried about local support, worried about civilian deaths. 90,000 reports like these four released online by w i ki leaks.org. >> it is one thing after another. >> reporter: wiki leaks founder claim u.s. involvement is illegal. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes. >> reporter: the leaks details say the isi helped the taliban and how the anti-american jihad was allegedly still being advised recently by former isi commanders general hampden gould. pakistan playing both sides. u.s. forces doubting they can win, separately, a claim today that a nato rocket killed 52 afghan civilians. all threatening support for president obama's plan to escalate the war. >> without question, there is minimal support on the american people for a long campaign. >> reporter: pentagon official are looking for whomever leaked or hacked into the secret reports. >> all of that information out in a public way has the potential to do harm. >> reporter: secrecy, tough to protect in modern warfar
stronghold. nato had launched its own man hunt and meanwhile, the u.s. military is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to their safe release. >>> deadly stampede, more than a dozen concert goers trampled to death at the love parade festival. also the road to the white house gets a facelift and how you can beat the heat on, again, the hottest weekend of the year. some folks are working overtime to keep you cool. we have ideas for you and we'll share them with you after the break. >> hack em, when have you got, man? more accusations against armstrong and plus, why the rosary was out at yankee stadium. we'l >>> 15 people died in that stampede inside a tunnel crowded with techno music fans in western germany today. the concert goers were at the love parade festival. the stampede started when police tried to stop the people from earning the parade grounds and dozens more were injured. from that video to this video, capturing a pilot from a plane crash in canada. the air show is happening this weekend in southern alberta. the fighter jet during a practice run did that. the plane appe
as what that will be, i can't tell you. i'm optimistic. the u.s. timeline calls for withdrawing troop levels from 82,000 down to 50,000 by september 1st. some good news tonight for those suffering along the gulf coast. bp's long-term solution to stop the oil spill is now well ahead of schedule according to the company. executives for the oil giant say that relief wells should be ready by the end of this month. meanwhile, there's no rest for oil cleanup crews this holiday weekend. a slew of the skimmers delayed by hurricane alex is now back in full force. meanwhile, a giant converted tanker called a whale could be operational in a few days. >> it's not only the greatest environmental catastrophe the country has ever seen, but it's going to take a while to attack this issue. >> the economic impact of the oil disaster is already being felt in a big way along the gulf coast and will be the case even after the oil leak has stopped and normally crowded beaches this fourth of july weekend as you can see there is nearly empty forcing businesses to close some of those businesses for good. >>>
is out. a senior u.s. government official says heywa hayward is being replaced and could be gone as early as tomorrow. he's been criticized for his handling of the spill. a possible successor seems to be the manager director, bob dud lee who are is currently overseeing the company's response. despite being the hottest weekend of the year, about 10,000 boy scouts from all over the world converged in downtown d.c. today. it was all to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the founding of boy scouts of america. cull mating with the constitution this morning, or i should say this afternoon. be prepared. still ahead at 6:00, severe storms pounded the area this afternoon, toppled trees, and knocked out power. we'll update you on the spour situation when we come back. live look outside right now. all clear. storms have moved out, and there's a cool down coming. cool look inside a more than 17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add job
law. protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy in the mexico an capital city this afternoon. they started channing yes, we did it. the mexican government also praised the ruling. >>> there is a developing story in arlington county. police have just release ad computer composite of a man wanted for sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl. police say that man assaulted the girl on sunday in the 3600 block of colombia pike. the man took her and sexually assaulted her inside a small play house. that suspect is described as about 5'1" and 130 pounds. he was last seen wearing a purple short sleeve shirt with green writing on it. he also had on dark pants and black dress shoes. >>> crews with pepco still working to restore power to tens of thousands of customers who have been without electricity since sunday. in the meantime, there are some possible dangers of which those people need to be aware. we have a couple reports on the outages now. john is in now. >> reporter: for the first time since the storm, people in d.c., bethesda, silver spring, can watch our program. the power there
been in command of the u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. he resigned last month after an article in rolling stone quoted him and his aides, making unflattering remarks about citizen members. war team. these plan for civilian life have not been made clear. he's been an army officer since he graduated from west point in 1976. >>> coming up, it's pretty hot out there. veronica returns with a look at the forecast. in this heat, it was just five months ago when we were according the blizzard of 2010. >>> what have you got? >> turn around. >>> we've got a lot of traffic. 95 headed southbound know here's the pace. heavy headed down toward newington. no major actions to report. this was just the better part of trip into fredericksburg. hov does pick up the pace after that. the outer loop will be heavy and then to continue into virginia, here's the pace. not jammed solid but below the posted speed him for outer loop drivers. >>> traffic will be reduced to a single lane. from 9:00 tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning, they're shutting it down because crews are doing emergency repairs on th
grenades. the battle was caught on video by journalists embedded with u.s. troops. >> on capitol hill, the house just passed a war funding bill this evening. the multibillion dollar package will fund a troop surge in iraq and afghanistan. there is new reaction to the release of the sensitive military records. here is brian mohr. >> reporter: the economy is stalled, the budget gap is growing and a big election is less than 100 days away. all that is making the vote for another $60 billion in funding for the afghanistan war a tough sell on capitol hill. >> i cannot look my constituents in the eye and say this operation will hurt our enemies more than it hurts us. >> i think we need a renewed debate about the course of this war. >> reporter: a war that is now being cast in an even more unflattering light with the online leak of 91,000 pages of raw intelligence. president obama is playing it down. >> the fact is these documents don't reveal any issues that haven't already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> the pentagon says it is still assessing the damage. >> are there any thi
iraq as u.s. troops prepare to head home. >>> now to the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. there seems to be no slow down in oil drifting from the ruptured well. the spill is in its 79th day. bp is now working to hook up that new containment vessel. it should be ready to go in about three more days. it's expected to double the amount of oil being collected. meanwhile, tar balls have now washed up on a stretch of cocoa beach, florida, about an hour east of orlando. that could mean the spill is starting to wrap around florida's southern tip. oil is seeping into lake pontchartrain, north of new orleans, a popular spot for boating and swimming. that huge body of water was rescued from pollution in the 1990s. it's being threatened again now. since monday, crews have picked up about 1700 pounds of the oily waste. >> just a little brown hunks of oil. they're tiny tar balls. you just scoop them up and get them out of here. >> there's also word today that more independent bp station owners across the country are rushing to switch to other brands because of the backlash from consume
to maintain the trust and confidence between british and u.s. forces on the one hand and the afghan soldiers and police they are mentoring on the other. >> sometimes one tends to say these things happen in war. i think when your partner, the person you are fighting with turns on you, it has a real effect on you. we shouldn't try and understate that. >> reporter: it is probably why very quickly the new nato commander, general petraeus released a statement saying in part and i quote "we must ensure that the trust between our forces remain solid in order to defeat our common enemies." for his part, hamid karzai also sent his con dole lens to the nato command and the british command. these incidents are tragic. they are very dramatic to cover but so far at least they remain quite rare. i'm jim maceda, nbc news reporting from kabul. back to you. >>> today president obama announced his nomination for the budget director. jacob liu serving as deputy secretary of state. he was budget director in the clinton administration. >> when jack left that post he handed the next administration a record $236 b
who admit they're in the u.s. illegally come to look for work, it mean less worry. >> i'm okay. i changed my -- >> reporter: your attitude. you don't think police will come in and arrest you today necessarily. >> not today. >> reporter: arizona workers who have residency green cards are less concerned today. >> a good thing. i don't want to get pulled over and make me lose my time. >> reporter: some arizona cops are glad the court blocked much of the new law. pima's county sheriff said it would have cost his state millions. >> today when we encounter illegal aliens, we detain them, we call the border patrol and we turn them over. end of story. >> reporter: the end? no. the immigration arizona bad rages on. the state is planning to ask an appeal court to delay yesterday's ruling and let this tough new immigration law take full effect. while the issue moves through the courts. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. >>> the board chairman in prince william county wants virginia to adopt a law similar to the new immigration policy in arizona. he has presented what he calls model legislation
have reported their experience during the quake to the u.s. geological survey in reston. the usga says earthquakes above a magnitude 3 are extremely rare in our region. until today, the faults below us were dormant for generations. >> this is the first magnitude 3 or larger that we've had in montgomery county since we've been collecting records. we have had smaller ones, magnitude 2 and smaller there. so they do happen. just not very frequently. >> david applegate says it is possible the quake could bring one or two smaller quakes. they're likely to be very mild. our team coverage continues with meteorologist veronica johnson who can put this whole quake in perspective for us. >> you've got it, jim. this area is not known for its seismic activity. this is just the earth's way of allowing to it relieve its stresses between those slabs and plates that moved from side to side and we were not the only ones. shortly before 10:00 this morning in western north carolina, six miles southwest of there, there was a 1.6 magnitude earthquake. of course the two here, that's right, two. the three.6,
of trying to sell president obama's former u.s. senate seat, speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, he maintained his innocence. he said that prosecutors actually help his case. >> they proved as inall along, that i did nothing illegal. they proved that i thought the advice of my lawyers and my advisers. they proved that i was on the phone talking to them, brain storming about ideas. yes, they proved some of the ideas were stupid but they also proved some of the ideas were good. >> the case is speck to reach the jury next week. >>> president obama signed the financial industry reform legislation into law today. but republican leaders think it will be a disaster for consumers and will cause more people to lose their jobs. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: with the stroke of a pen and flanked by supporters. president barack obama ushered in sweeping financial reform from main street protection to new legislation i am a at preventing another if i know meltdown on wall street. >> because of this law, the american people will never again be asked to foot the bill for wall street
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